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Thursday, September 26 2013
Another in the series of Monckton of Brenchley papers. This time, Responses to a true-believing supporter of David Suzuki’s enviro-activism. Lord Monckton begins,

"Dear Mr. A., - Your latest note to me makes so many points that have little scientific foundation that I have here drawn together some of the quantitative evidence demonstrating that most of your assertions are as unfounded as the apocalyptic millenarianism that flows from them. David Suzuki, whom you support, fled down an echoing corridor in the Rio conference centre in 2012 when I tried to shake him by the hand. He was not willing to engage with me or anyone sufficiently informed about the climate. Let us, then, look at some of the facts together, and draw some reasonable, uncontentious and unalarming conclusions.

Models: Since, as you now concede, models are incapable of correctly representing short-term fluctuations in ocean currents, or for that matter medium-term phase-transitions in the El-Nino/La-Nina ratio, or the timing and magnitude of phase-transitions in the great ocean oscillations, then – as their continuing propensity to predict warming greater than is actually occurring demonstrates – they cannot be relied upon to make predictions of future temperature change to a useful precision......"

See the full paper HERE

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Thursday, September 26 2013

Suzuki was unfamiliar with the five principal global mean surface temperature anomaly datasets (GISS, HadCRUt4, NCDC, RSS, UAH). Astonishing!

Lord Monckton entered a debate following the program which aired live on Monday 23rd September 2013 as follows:

Bill Koutalianos scored a knockout blow in debate against the political campaigner David Suzuki last night during the Question & Answer show on Australian TV.

It was evident to all observers that Bill, who asked the first question on the show, was familiar with the five principal global mean surface temperature anomaly datasets (GISS, HadCRUt4, NCDC, RSS, UAH); that Suzuki was unaware of the five datasets, and was also unaware that Bill, in selecting all of them, had not been (as Suzuki put it) "cherry-picking"; that Bill was familiar with the fact that the data show no global warming at all for more than a decade; and that Suzuki, visibly unaware of this fact, adopted by default the aprioristic position that because the Party Line says warming must be occurring it must be occurring and must continue to occur whether or not it is occurring and whether or not it must continue to occur....

See the rest of the critique HERE


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Wednesday, September 18 2013


Included in this paper from the Viscount Monckton of Brenchley Collection written for The Australian during his 2010 Tour of Australia are the following quotes,

"At last month’s Copenhagen climate conference, several dozen loutish, chanting eco-preppies deliberately broke up a meeting at which I was due to speak about the climate scam.
Later that night, I reported on German TV that three Germans at the meeting were horrified at this sinister thuggery. One had burst into tears. All commented that the last time such crude attempts to trample freedom of speech had been made was when the Hitler Youth had invaded 1930s meetings of National Socialism’s opponents.
Janet Albrechtsen, (The Australian last week), commented that I should have remained silent. Appeasement – the pre-emptive cringe in the face of totalitarianism – returns to fashion. Appeasement did not work in the 1930s. It will not work now.....
Shortly before Copenhagen, I came across the draft text of the Copenhagen Treaty on an obscure UN website. Craftily concealed behind a two-page document entitled Note by the Secretariat lurked a 186-page draft proposing to establish what I have called a communistic world government, unelected and all-powerful, with the right to control all formerly-free markets and to inflict selective and punitive taxation on Western nations.....

Now I am in Australia for a month-long speaking tour of major cities. Following Climategate and Copenhagen, I will argue for a Royal Commission to investigate the corruption and ineptitude of the UN’s climate science panel, the IPCC, before your governing class – both sides of the House being equally guilty – even considers reintroducing ETS, the largest tax increase in Australia’s history...."

Please see the full paper  HERE

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